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Our browser extension enables you to find contact details with the click of a button.

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What does the PreContactTool do?

Find contact details

With just a click on a button

The PreContactTool looks for contact information for the specific profile you are viewing. The PreContactTool takes information out of the profile you are viewing and uses that to search the Internet for contact information. Just press the PreContact button in your browser and within seconds you see the results.

When is it useful?

The PreContactTool is designed to find contact details from multiple sources in an automatic way. If you have vacancy's which needs explaining than it is helpful. If you can afford to spend 3 hours in finding the right candidates than finding contact details helps because you get the chance of direct contact. Direct contact is more persuasive.

Why is it useful?

To find contact details an average recruiter has to spend 2 minutes per profile. So if you approach 100 candidates per week it will cost you 200 minutes which is 3 hours and 20 minutes. The PreContactTool can do this in minutes. It saves time.

What is the outcome?

With one click you get the contact details on screen of one profile.

How it works


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Install the PreContactTool Chrome Extension


Open a LinkedIn profile, click Show Details in the Chrome Extension

Bundles and pricing

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Easier said than done? Why not give it a try? Sign up today get 20 credits free! Signing up is no obligation to buy. Just the opportunity to experience how easy and fast the PreContactTool works!

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You can try the PreContactTool free of charge for 20 credits. The tool wil have no limitations in functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

The PreContactTool searches through selected databases outside of LinkedIn for mail addresses and telephone numbers.
Increasing numbers of professionals leave their contact details undisclosed on internet. Contact information is critical to the recruitment process. What is the use of finding good profiles if you can't get in touch? Recruiters spend more and more time trying to get in touch. This is why the PreContactTool was built.

What makes the PreContactTool special?

The PreContactTool uses multiple sources! The PreContactTool searches through public and subscription databases much like a meta search engine would. Using multiple sources increase your chances of finding contact details.

The PreContactTool delivers with greater accuracy! By combining information from multiple sources and filtering the results, the PreContactTool ensures a greater relevance of the contact details found. Imagine searching for John Doe, the engineer, and finding 20 contact details in your state alone! Where do you start? The PreContactTool solves this by including information bits it has collected in other databases and filters out irrelevant numbers. This saves money, time and frustration.

Our credits live longer! Many tools require you to use your credits within 30 days. The PreContactTool credits aren't limited by your monthly or quarterly subscription.

Never run out of credits! Choose a bundle size and the PreContactTool will automatically refill and re-bill credits when you have used up your bundle.

Want to increase or lower your bundle? Just change the bundle size in the app. Changes apply when your present bundle runs out.

Want to stop using the app? Just lower your bundle to zero in the app and we won't refresh your credits. You can restart any time you like.

Is the PreContactTool only for corporate customers?

Not really. PreContactTool offers credit bundles for every need. There is no subscription fee and the credits you buy can be used for an entire year. Credits are only exchanged if e-mail or phone numbers are found. So you only pay for results. If you use up your credits faster than expected you can always reorder the same bundle or increase the size of the bundle.

Can I have multiple users?

Corporate accounts are all multi user services with variable levels of authority.

Users Use Credits
Super User Buys Credits and Assigns Users and may use credits

For Corporate accounts the PreContactTool will automatically send a message to the SuperUser when the original bundle size has been used for 80%. In the mail a link is provided to refill the credit bundle or to change the size of the bundle for the next purchase.

So no monthly subscription. Buy when you need it of leave when you want to.

Where can I download the Chrome extension?

You can download the Chrome extension here.